Welcome, friend. We are a group based out of Kansas City, MO who share a common interest in 3D printing and firearms. OG GOON had been experimenting with resin printing for a couple years before partnering with ELMER FUDD to produce 9mm snap caps. It took a couple months to get that first product through testing and development, but we persevered. Soon, OG GOON set up a second printer and ramped up production. Listen to OG GOON's Zune playlist to see what's crankin' at the shop.

We are proud to offer you custom designs and appreciate your support. All sales directly fund the research and development of new 3D printed accessories.

Like what the gang's doing? We cannot take all of the credit! Although we have several original products available, some of our products are available through a Creative Commons License. For each product that is not our original design, we have credited the original designer and linked to their model available for download. 

Not impressed with our products? Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions for future products. All of our accessories have been thoroughly tested for durability to provide you with ensured quality. ✊🏽