Customer Reviews & Feedback


"I got a blem large arisaka indexer and so far so good..."


"The transparent color is sweet, it shows the camo underneath and doesn’t look even the least bit out of place."



"Dealer is g2g, very fast shipping, great communication and his products are top... have me second guessing buying from railscales anymore"



"Goon dynamics hooking it up with the 3D printed mag coupler for the backpack gun... Hell yeah man I appreciate the coupler! Things are awesome!"



"...the snap caps are extremely cool, had a buddy load a mag with them, then I ran through some malfunction drills with 'em, they're some top tier training tools!"

"...the spikes style vertical grip is on par with the comfortability of my BCM grips, and the translucent indexer is one of the coolest looking things I've ever put on a firearm!"



“…CZ scorpion Micro SBR with Gemtech suppressor. Your printed piece goes perfect on it!”



"Great bang for your buck!”