3D printing technology has been progressing rapidly. SLA printers are relativiley new to the hobbyist industry, but can produce very strong prints with unique properties. All of my products are printed from SirayaTech Build resin which is high in strength, non-brittle and tappable. SLA printing combined with high quality resin produces a very high resoluton print, noticeably better than traditional FDM prints.

This is somewhat of an internet myth. Traditional and cheaper resins will become brittle with prolonged exposure to the sun. However, all of my products are printed with SirayaTech Build, which is an engineering strength resin which will not become brittle. It is also tappable and paintable, some other unique qualities.

Snap caps, also known as dummy rounds, are inert rounds that do not contain gunpowder or a primer. They are completely harmless and are used commonly for function (safety) checks and training.

If you are a firearm hobbyist who likes to build firearms, you can cycle dummy rounds to test chambering and ejecting a round before making a trip to the range.

You can also practice loading a firearm safely with the use of dummy rounds. Or, take some snap caps with you to the range and load them randomly in a magazine with live rounds to practice clearing a malfunction while firing.

Our snap caps are made with a rubber primer which will not harm your firearm.

In summary, no!

Our rail covers are printed with Siraya Tech Build resin which has impressive properties including 50 Mpa tensile strength, 8% elongation at break and a heat deflection rating of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. It has other interesting properties such as being tappable, paintable and does not become brittle with prolonged UV (sun) exposure.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or are having an issue with one of our products. We are more than happy to address any issues or process a return for a full refund minus shipping.

The short answer is yes, everything that we sell is non-regulated by the federal government agency. However, please be aware of your specific state and local laws. You are responsible for following all applicable regulations to your geographic location.

You are likely thinking of a ghost gun as anything 3D printed related to a firearm. This is not accurate. A ghost gun is a firearm which has had its serial number removed to avoid tracing back to its owner.

In the US, it is legal to manufacturer your own personal firearm, but you cannot sell or trade it without serializing and registering it with the ATF.

No, I am not and will not produce or sell 3D printed firearms. Do not ask. I am selling 3D printed firearm accessories which are not regulated by any government agency.