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Blemished MP5k style vertical foregrip with M-Lok screw and t-nut hardware. These are 3D printed with a high strength engineering resin and can be purchased painted with Rust-Oleum FDE or Flat Black. Unlike cheaper resins, this resin will not become brittle with UV exposure. 

Pictured products are not necessarily the exact part you will receive. Blemishes will be cosmetic only and the product will still be just as functional.

Credit to the original designer, TheKwijibo. The designer has uploaded their file under a Creative Commons – Attribution license. This file can be found here:

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The Mission

We strive to provide custom design and fabrication at competitive prices.

The Legal

We will not sell 3D printed firearms or anything regulated by U.S. government agencies. You are responsible for understanding and following all local and federal laws. See Terms and Conditions section linked in the footer for more details.

The Resin

Traditional 3D printed resin is fragile and becomes brittle with prolonged UV exposure. Our 3D printed products are made with SirayaTech Build, which is a high-strength engineering resin designed for prototyping structural models. 'Build' offers impressive properties at 50 Mpa tensile strength, 8% elongation at break and a heat deflection rating of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. It will not become brittle with prolonged UV exposure and is also tappable. Our commercial products have all been tested for comptability and durability to ensure that you receive high quality accessories.

Return Policy

We accept returns! If you are not happy with your purchase, we will send replacement parts or provide a full refund. Please contact us with any questions you may have. See Return, Refund and Exchange Policy linked in the footer below for more details.