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Gear up with this combo set of three (3) +2 extensions for your Mgpl magazines and ten (10) 9mm Luger snap caps. See first photo.

+2 magazine extensions are compatible with all Mgpl series 9mm double stack magazines for Glocks, such as models 26, 19, 19x, 17, 34.

Snap caps are great for dry firing, function testing and malfunction training. Load one randomly in your magazine while shooting at the range and practice clearing a malfunction. Cycle them through a firearm to function check.

Mgpl Extension installation: 
1. Remove the original base plate.
2. Dry fit the extension by sliding on and off a few times.
3. Add blue or red Loctite to the interlocking channels and firmly slide the extension into place. Let cure 24 hours before using.
DISCLAIMER: The magazines pictured are not included with this product and are shown for demonstration purposes only.  Also, due to the magazine's design, Loctite is required to keep the magazine baseplate extension secured. If it does come lose while firing, the magazine spring will keep the magazine intact. However, stop using immediately and repair with more Loctite. Red Loctite is preferred and is pictured above. The installation should be considered a permanent modification to this magazine.
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